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The Author

Tony Prewit was born in Stamford, Texas in 1954 and with his family at the age of eight moved to Silver City, New Mexico. He considers southwest New Mexico home. He loves the culture, the land, the seasons and the people.

The author has earned both Bachelor's and Master's of Arts degrees. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States as a musician. Besides his interest in poetry, the author has written, directed and performed in several plays, and has performed as a mime actor. In addition, the author is an artist, delving in photography, charcoals, pastels, and watercolors. He considers art his private therapy.

For over thirty-five years the author kept a journal of poetry that chronicled his most secret, inner struggles with his belief in God. During that time he lived what seemed a fairly normal life—traveling, going to school, marrying, and owning a retail furniture company. However, the journal does not chronicle his "normal" life; it chronicles his secret, inner struggles with his beliefs. The author believes many people have these same kind of secret, inner struggles with life. The journal brings to the forefront the reality of these secret, inner struggles.

The author has been married to Patricia since 1978. She is a classical pianist. Together they enjoy wilderness hikes, gardening, and other varied social interests.


A Poet's Journal

As I walked away from the Christianity I once believed, without doubting the existence of a God, I discover a place within where I learn how to build my own faith. This writing is for those who are at a dead end or a crossroad in their belief, or in a dysfunctional relationship (so to speak) with their spiritual beliefs. One of my messages, therefore, is that our spiritual beliefs do not have to be unchangeable.

The poems in the six book series capture my observations and reflections about how I see life through the veil of my own struggle, and will hopefully allow others to consider the shortcomings of their own beliefs, or of any belief that does not allow for true dialog. Because none of us really knows the truth for sure when it comes to belief, it would appear that there are shortcomings in all spiritual belief systems, regardless of form. For that reason, we are left to ourselves to construct a satisfactory and satisfying faith.

I have wrestled with my soul along this path and it wrestled back, for what I was struggling with was my spiritual identity. In wrestling, I learned the value of putting forth the right questions rather than assuming I had the right answers. In fact, questions have become answers in their own right. As such, I am thankful that I realized the importance of questions within the arena of spiritual beliefs.

The books in this series are (in order): Journal of Time, Portals and Passages, The Book of the Lost and Found or Chasing Rainbows, Moods of War, The Source, and Another Day.